Freestanding partitions 

Our freestanding partitions are made to order with a range of colours and sizes to choose from. 

Ideal for creating private work stations in the office, display boards, room dividers etc.

Each partition comes with a pair of steel slide on feet which provide extra stability 
over plastic feet and significantly reduce wobble.

Desk Partitions

Create a dedicated work station, allowing privacy and concentration in an open plan office. 

We offer acoustic options of this product to increase privacy and reduce noise.

Our desk partitions come with clamp brackets to suit up to 25mm thick desk. The desk must have an overhang of 25mm for the clamp to grip.

Mobile Partitions

Add mobility to your partitions with our heavy duty mobile castors. The swivel wheels offer smooth motion, durability and foot brakes. 

Velcro Compatible Partitions

With our black velcro compatible partitions you can easily attach and remove your pictures, documents and art pieces without the need for pins or hooks. The tougher durable fabric means the partition will last longer and can withstand more wear and tear. 

This partition is ideal for schools where the advantage of not using pins would be safer for the children and where the tougher fabric would mean the students and teachers can get the most out of it without deterioration.