Australian owned since 1989

S.K. Partitions is a family owned Australian business with over 15 years experience in the partition industry.  Since 1998, Stefan and Kathy (S.K.) Hack have been providing genuine, old-fashioned customer service and a top quality Australian-made product to the Australian public.

Kath (Office Manager) and Stefan (Managing Director) will ensure that the partitions you need will be exactly as per specifications, ready on time and delivered promptly to your choice of destination in Australia.


We look forward to your custom.

SK Partitions Management Stefan

Stefan Hack


SK Partitions Management Kathy

Kathy Hack



We have built our business on the tried and tested belief that if you supply a good product with the best customer service possible the business has no option but to succeed. And succeed it has! We have recently expanded our warehouse and are now servicing more customers than ever before.


SK Partitions is proudly Australian owned and our dividers are 100% Australian made. We use over 25 Australian companies to source our parts to make our partitions. We have had custom tools made to assist in the manufacture of all our partition feet and partition brackets to ensure the final product is completely hand-crafted in Australia.

Our Team

Paul Barlow


William Bodinnar

Factory Foreman


Factory Hand




Master Seamstress

Our History

From humble beginnings great things have grown.

In the beginning…

It was 1998, and a friend of Stefan and Kathy, working in management for an office supplier, planted the seed for what was to soon become S.K. Partitions. He suggested they manufacture an Australian made partition available in one size and one colour – so they did.  The rest, as they say, is history.

…and now

Today, they are still providing off the shelf products for your convenience, but now the sky is the limit. You can choose the size, the style and the colour and they guarantee they will deliver. Trading in the manufacture of 100% Australian-made partitions for both wholesale and retail distribution, S.K. Partitions also boast an impressive, rapidly growing hire division.


After trading for quite some time in the manufacture of partitions for wholesale distribution, Stefan’s brother-in-law Gary Pitcher, hailing from Kyneton Hire, floated the idea of adding a hire arm to the business.

What started with 6 partitions in the garage of the family home has grown exponentially over the last 16 years and they can now offer over 1000 partitions for hire and supply to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Thanks Gary!

Our Products

100% Australian Made by an Australian Owned Company.  5 Year Warranty.