Noisy Workplace?

When a large number of people are working in one space, without any kind of office sound insulation, it’s almost inevitable that sound will become a problem. Those who spend lots of time on the phone also find noise distracting, particularly if their work is sensitive, and senior members of staff often prefer to work in a quiet, private environment.

What are Sound Barriers?

Sound barriers are used in workplaces, particularly open-plan offices, to reduce noise and create private spaces. Although they don’t completely eliminate chatter and other workplace sounds, they reduce office noise significantly and provide the privacy and quiet which many professionals crave in their busy and often crowded working environment.

How do our Sound Barriers work?

Our sound barrier partitions are built to reduce noise by breaking down sound waves in a space and trapping them inside the acoustic fabric.

They are made using 
Soundmesh® G8 which is a patented engineered material that is thin and tough with unique acoustic and fireproof properties. 

  • Lessen Reverberation
  • Lessen Echo
  • Create Calmer Atmosphere
  • Limiting Muddling of Sounds
  • Reduce Office Noise